A Pocket Guide to: Hawai'i's Birds and their Habitat - by H. Douglas Pratt



This guide is an introduction to the beautiful and varied birds that inhabit America’s only tropical state. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, you will find something in these pages that will broaden your horizons and increase your knowledge and appreciation of the birds and the environment of this unique archipelago.

While not a "field guide" in the usual sense, this fact packed volume helps identify all of the birds likely to be seen while walking, hiking or exploring the islands' many natural treasures. In fact, it covers more species than any other small guidebook available today. You will learn how Hawai'i modern bird community came to be, from the tragic history of the native birds of ancient Hawai'i to the dozens of immigrant species seen today. 

You will learn the special nature of island forest and wetland birds, the long and sad story of the extinction of so many species, how seabirds have made these islands their home base, and the world. You will find valuable information about where to see the remaining native birds as well their naturalized neighbors. 

Perhaps this book will be the start of a new passion for you, or just give you some interesting facts about the birds that can be seen every day. Either way, it is sure to open your eyes to island beauties you may have overlooked before. 

Softcover: 128 Pages

Dimensions: 7.0" x 5.0" x 0.25"

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