Coaster - Picasso Reef Triggerfish



Bring back your memories of your home away from home with this wonderful coaster!!

Reef triggerfish are colorful relatives of puffers, porcupinefishes, boxfishes, and fliefishes and are easily distinguished by their angular bodies, distinctive color patterns (blocks of colors), fin arrangements, and characteristic dorsal spines.

They are tough and sleek, favoring shallow waters of the reef, and capable of succefully attacking spiny sea urchins to get to the soft flesh.  Considered to be one of the more aggressive of the triggerfish, the reef triggerfish utters grunting noises when encountering predators.  This territorial and vocal reef triggerfish often emits a whirring sound when startled and has the ability to make a snorting noise when brought to the surface, as its defensive puffing techniques is reduced.  This unique ability has given the reef triggerfish its Hawaiian common name of “Humu-humu-nuku-nuku-apua’a”, which translates to “Fish who comes out of the water and sounds like a pig”.

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