Haleiwa Red Dog Collar & Leash

Size: Leash/Lead Large -1" wide 6' long


Share a bit of Aloha with your pets and let them show off their brightly colored tropical prints from Hawai'i. Hawaiian Aloha Pet Collars are machine washable and colorfast! Comes in four different sizes.

Leash/Lead Large - 1" wide   6' Long

Leash/Lead small - 1/2" wide 6' Long

Dog Collar
Extra Large: For dogs with a neck size of 18 - 21" and a weight of 70 - 150 lbs.
Large: For dogs with a neck size of 14 - 22" and a weight of 35 - 80 lbs.
Medium: For dogs with a neck size of 11 - 16" and a weight of 15 - 35 lbs.
Small: For dogs with a neck size of 7 - 12" and a weight of 5 - 20 lbs.

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