Honolulu Magazine's: The 50 Greatest Hawai'i Albums - Ronna Bolante Michael Keany



HONOLULU Magazine's acclaimed music poll is an awesome history book and records of Hawaiian entertainment. Writers Ronna Bolante and Michael Keany spent countless hours with artists and record producers to get the real stories behind the music: Kui Lee tells Don Ho of his diagnosis with cancer, then plays him a new song—"I'll Remember You." Unable to sleep, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole calls his producer and records "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in the middle of the night. Marlene Sai records Kainoa in the city bus car barn, and Gabby Pahinui finagles a photo shoot on Rabbit Island. and so many more stories of the rise to fame.

  • Hardcover : 152 pages
  • Item Weight : 2.55 pounds
  • Dimensions : 10.25 x 0.75 x 10 inches

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