Instant Hawaiian (Hawaiian and English Edition) - by Jack Christensen (Author)



Learn to speak Hawaiian with this pocket book Hawaiian dictionary contains over 26,000 in trees, including many unique terms which reflect the picturesque history, culture and geography of Hawaii. For instance, there are 33 ways to indicate a cloud, depending upon the particular kind of cloud you mean. A complete Hawaiian vocabulary list a hundred and seventy-nine terms about sweet potatoes alone, and 225 words about the taro plant from which poi is made. Hence, the instant Hawaii word guide is by no means a complete vocabulary. It is, rather, an introduction of terms, in common usage by seasoned residence of Hawaii, designed to help you recognize both by Sight & Sound, key Expressions which are apt to occur most frequently during everyday conversations in the 50th state. Kalani Meinecke (Editor), Robert Boom (Editor)

  • Paperback : 48 pages
  • Dimensions : 6 x 4.1 x 0.15 inches

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