Various Artists - Island Love Shack 3



Putting a Jawaiian twist to island love songs. *70 Sup'm Pieces of Bob/Sister Carol *Cocody Rock/Alpha Blondy *The Call/Justin and Bitty Mclean *One More Cup of Coffee/Damian Jr. Gong Marley *In The World/Butch Helemano *New Day/BET *Everyone Falls In Love/Tanto Metro & Devonte *Take Me Down/Solanna *Head Over Heals/Kawika Regidor *It's Alright/Alan Faivae *Sweet Love/Paul Dunlap *Slow Down/Kaala Boys *Tease Me/Chaka Demus & Pliers *Wrap Your Arms Around Me/Hawaiian Time *Sound System/Steel Pulse *Love of My Life/Jamma Joe *Summa Time/Norm *Can I Call You/Epic Session

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