Kaua'i Stories 2 - By Pamela Varma Brown



Capture the spirit & adventure of Kauai in this collection of 50 new personal stories about life on the Garden Island.

Dance the Hula with teenage girls who were born to share this beautiful Hawaiian cultural tradition. Discover how two English-speaking residents became guardians of the Hawaiian language. String flower lei with ladies who keep this lovely art alive.

Ride Waves with surfers who live to surf and surf to live. Meet people whose lives revolve around the ocean: swimming dangerous coastlines, making fishing nets and hunting for tasty, tiny “opihi” that live on the underside of ocean rocks.

Get Chicken Skin (Hawaiian goose bumps) while reading about “Night Marchers” and other spirits of the island.

Feel the Magic of Kauai that allows people to do such diverse things as find their true love, establish a Hindu monastery that builds a worldwide publishing empire, and transform oneself from a heavy pot smoker to a respected substance abuse counselor and pineapple farmer — all on this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Softcover: 302 pages

Dimensions: 9.0” x 6.0” x 0.75”

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