Keola Beamer and Raiatea



It is not often that two artists who had never before met
can come together and, in such a short period of time,
collaborate in the creation of a work of art as moving,
deeply personal, and exciting as “Keola Beamer &
Raiatea.” But in the case of Keola Beamer and Raiatea Helm, they did just that.

1. Ina
2. Where I Hold You
3. Our Time for Letting Go
4. You Somebody
5. Hilo Hanakahi
6. I Kolohi Aku Au
7. Ka Makani Kaili Aloha
8. Ke Kulo O Ke Au
9. Ke Alii Hulu Mamo
10. Days of My Youth
11. Kimo Hula

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