Maui Slows the Sun - Gabrielle Ahuli'i



The fifth title in the Hawaiian Legends for Little Ones series, Māui Slows the Sun introduces kids ages 0-4 to one of Hawai‘i’s best-known legends about Māui the demigod.

The sun has been racing across the sky, preventing people from finishing their daily chores. Māui decides to confront the sun and races up Haleakalā to greet him as he rises. The sun compromises and says he will slow his pace for half the year (summer) yet speed up the other half (winter).

In simple, poetic language, this origin story about day time, night time, and the seasons, gives small kids a taste of Hawai‘i’s rich history of storytelling.

Boardbook: 18 pages

Dimensions: 6.0" x 5.0” x 0.50"

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